Hydraulic Pumps

Air Hydraulic Pumps

We offer a quality line of air hydraulic pumps. Our MTT P is an air powered torque wrench pump, ideal where air is the preferred source of power. MTT Hydraulic Air Pumps have a powerful 3 HP motor that starts under load. It features an external adjustable pressure regulator and retract side internal relief valve that protects your tool. Used for single- or double-acting hydraulic tools.


Quality means Lower Life-Cycle Costs:
  • Over 100,000 cycles
  • Continuous duty up to 122°F (50°C) ambient
  • Proven design = Proven reliability
Enhanced Usability:
  • Powerful 3 hp motor starts under load
  • Retract side internal relief valve protects tools
  • Use with single or double acting tools. Not for lifting applications
  • 4" calibration capable gauge
Designed with Safety in Mind:
  • Easily adjusted pressure regulator (relief) valve
  • Has a retract port pressure selector 10,000 psi (1,500)