Innovators of Industrial Torque Wrench Tooling and Tensioning Equipment.

Millennium Torque & Tensioning, Inc. is a privately-owned manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric driven torque tools. Since 1986, MTT has been supplying multiple industries with high-quality torque and tensioning equipment. Our tooling has been successfully used in virtually every industry. Along with a full selection of industrial torque wrench tooling, stud tensioners, nut splitters, flange spreaders, and accessory items, MTT also provides our customers a variety of on-site services & repairs and calibration of all major brands of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and hand torque tools (both in-house and on the job site).

Inquire with your local MTT service representative or call our office directly to see how Millennium™ on-site torque wrench tooling service can benefit you during your next plant shut down or turnaround. We invented the rent-to-buy philosophy and can customize tooling packages to best achieve your maintenance or installation goals.

Throughout the years we have listened to our customer’s needs and have engineered and developed a full-line of high-performing torque and tensioning equipment to achieve these goals. We stand behind our high-quality products with an experienced and knowledgeable customer service and sales staff ready to assist you with the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently. If a unique challenge should ever arise, we are partnered with you to meet these challenges to keep your MTT equipment running smoothly for maximum job efficiency. This is the reason we have grown to become one of the leading torque and tensioning companies serving thousands of customers since 1986. We look forward to continued success and to the possibility of working with your company soon.

Rich Cunningham
General Manager (President)
Millennium Torque & Tensioning, Inc.