Millennium Industrial Services provides the highest quality field machining services available with our experienced technicians and the state of the art equipment. Our safe, efficient field machining services will help you meet your deadlines in budget.

Pipe Cold Cutting & Beveling

Millennium Industrial Services has internal mount and external mount equipment for the cutting of thin or thick-wall pipes. All of our pipe cutting and beveling equipment is lightweight with low radial and axial clearances for weld preparation, valve fittings, and related components.

Ideal for pipe maintenance and construction work in nuclear and fossil power plants, pipelines, oil platforms, petrochemical plants, and refineries, as well as shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and other high purity piping applications. Our equipment can cut, bevel, and counterbore pipe up to 120″ O.D. on all schedules and alloys. Our expertise and equipment for pipe cutting, severing, and beveling ensure your needs are met to the highest industry standards.

Flange Resurfacing

Millennium Industrial Services can machine almost any size and type of flange from Raised Face to Ring Joints. We have O.D. Mount and I.D. Mount flange facing equipment so, no matter the flange, we can machine it in place. Additionally, all work is done to industry standards and specifications.

Our flange resurfacing equipment is durable, easy to maneuver, and capable of handling your flange-facing needs at peak industry standards.

We also offer grinding of flange faces and repair of ring joints.

Mag-Based Drilling

Millennium Industrial Services’ core drilling process is guaranteed to save you time and money. Instead of drilling the studs in several stages, we will core the stud to within 1/32″ of the minor diameter is only one step with one bit. Conventional drilling requires multiple stages, more man-hours, and more consumables. Our core drilling method can reduce drilling time from 3 to 8 hours per stud to just 10 to 30 minutes per stud!

MIS provides a range of drilling machines for use in a variety of applications. Examples of this service
are drilling holes for tapping studded or bolted connections or drilling clearance holes for fastening together components. Fine finish and close tolerances are achieved in these applications.

MIS’s Core Drilling method is less expensive, more efficient, and safer than conventional methods of drilling while still providing quality results required by the industry.

Portable Milling Services

Millennium Industrial Services offers a variety of portable and keyway milling services for several applications including motor bases and other rotating equipment as well as plates, presses, roughing/finishing mill tracks, etc. Portable milling equipment is capable of large surface area machining to fitting in very tight quarters. Custom modifications and setups are always welcome. We offer various sizes and configurations with extensive fixtures and capacity.

Portable milling machines perform a vast number of operations, some of them with quite complex tool paths, such as slot cutting, planing, drilling, die-sinking, rebating, routing, etc.

Line Boring

Millennium Industrial Services is experienced in industrial on-site line boring services. Boring service abilities allow us to line bore and reface equipment in the field from a single setup. Our standard bars range from 1″ to 10″ diameters and lengths up to 24″. Contact us today to discuss your unique industrial line boring services needs. We will partner with you and provide a quick response time to your location. Our industrial line boring services offer Hydraulic, Electric, and Pneumatic powered units.