Our experienced technicians get projects completed quickly and efficiently. Our Industrial Bolting service technicians utilize continuous-turning high-speed MTT pneumatic torque wrenches, which are up to 20 times faster than traditional tools. This decreases your turnaround time and saves you money. Allow us to show you our expertise at work on one of your small applications or allow us to bring a trailer full of the most innovative industrial bolting tools to efficiently complete the job.

Bolt Torquing

MIS’s Bolt Torquing services provide a simple and safe method for ensuring controlled tightening and loosening of bolts. A wide range of light, compact, safe, and easy-to-use hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and battery-powered torque tools are available.

Each flange will be torqued to the customer specifications using standard industry procedures. All information, including the customer-supplied Flange ID number, will be marked on a Flange Identification Tag and recorded on a Flange Inspection & Tightening Report.

All completed Flange Inspection & Tightening Reports are provided to the customer and are brought back to the office and checked by management/office personnel before being scanned into our system. The files are saved onto a secure system and named with the flange identification tag serial number.

Stud Tensioning

Millennium Industrial Services Stud Tensioning service is an accurate method of tightening threaded fasteners and subsequently inducing load through advanced hydraulic technology- all without directly turning the nut thereby avoiding frictional losses. Stud tensioning ensures that the gaskets are compressed as required by the manufacturer in order to achieve optimum joint integrity.

MIS’s team of experienced and trained technicians ensures any tensioning job is done efficiently, safely, and to the industry’s highest standards. Our hydraulic stud tensioners apply loads that are reliable and accurate with long-lasting, high pressure, and low friction seals. The tensioners are designed with quality, simplicity, and versatility in mind.

Nut Splitting

Whether you need to split nuts that are as small as 1-1/4″ or as large as 6-1/8″, our nut splitting tooling has you covered.All our nut splitters are available for rent or purchase, or our field service technicians can come toyour job site and complete the job for you.

Ultrasonic Bolt Measuring

Our Ultrasonic Bolt Measuring Services utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the most skilled technicians in the field.

Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Testing eliminates the guesswork in proper clamping pressure and instantly provides accurately digitized read-outs of the true bolt load. This system allows the technician to adjust and verify the correct clamping pressure for every bolt. Internal algorithms compensate for material and temperature changes and ensure a consistent load to each bolt.

The simple operation and accurate calibration make it a must for dependable testing and verification. Our compact and lightweight portable measurement system weighs less than 3 pounds.