Millennium Industrial Services uses the latest state-of-the-art Industrial Induction Heating equipment that has proven to be reliable on projects demanding safe and dependable heat uniformity and accurate control. Designed to operate manually or with programmable automatic controls, our Industrial Induction Heating Services equipment is economical to use, simple to operate, robust in construction, and fully capable of heavy on-site workloads.

Our Industrial Induction Heating Services deliver fast and consistent heat for:

  • Bolt and Nut Heating
  • Welding Preheat
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (in accordance with AWS D10.10M)
  • Hydrogen Bake Out
  • Line Thaws
  • Coating Removal
  • Welding Fabrication and Construction
  • Shrink Fit Applications
  • Thermal Expansion

Applications typically requiring hours to heat can be done in minutes utilizing induction heating. In addition to the simplicity and efficiency, the ProHeat 35 induction heating system solves many key issues in today’s environment:

  • Does not produce the exposure to burns associated with open flames and electrical resistance wires (only the work part becomes hot)
  • No significant expense of fuel gases
  • Produces fewer fumes than flame heating
  • Produces less particulate from overheated insulation caused by high-temperature electrical wires
    and ceramic pads
Turbine Bolt Heating System

MIS’s Induction Heating System can save hours and even days during scheduled turbine outages. Our induction heating technology reduces the average time from 45 minutes per bolt to 5 minutes per bolt and the induction coils are cool to the touch, creating a safer work environment. Our complete line of on-site services and equipment enable you to reduce downtime and make your next outage safe, quick, and cost-efficient.

MIS’s Turbine Bolt Heating System utilizes variable-frequency inductive equipment and processes to thermally elongate turbine bolts in the fraction of the time normally required for the operation. These specially designed inductors make it possible for all heated bolting to be removed or tightened within one shift or less. We also have the technology to accommodate any stud and nut arrangement.

Our induction heating services will reduce outage time by days, which can save your company millions of dollars in downtime. The process also minimizes safety concerns associated with the forceful removal of nuts with sledgehammers and slugging wrenches. Nuts can now be easily removed using simple hand tools, reducing possible injuries and lost man-hours.

Closed-Loop Water Chiller System

Millennium Industrial Services has a solution to the problems associated with water restrictions hindering the induction heating process. In nuclear environments, the consumption of water may be restricted and EPA regulations have required a more conscientious approach to the industry. Our Closed-Loop Water Chiller System minimizes water consumption by continuously circulating the water through the system. Running clean water through the system can also improve product performance and reliability, as well as eliminate cooling-water contamination associated with the use of “river water”.