On-Site Resistance and Induction Heat Treating Services.

Millennium Industrial Services uses the latest, state-or-the-art Resistance and Induction Heat Treatment equipment that has proven to be reliable on projects demanding safe, dependable heat uniformity and accurate control. Designed to operate manually or with programmable automatic controls, our heat-treating equipment is economical to use, simple to operate, robust in construction, and fully capable of heavy, on-site workloads.

These heating processes can deliver fast and consistent heat for:

  • Welding Preheat
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (in accordance with AWS D10.10M)
  • Hydrogen Bake Out
  • Line Thaws
  • Coating Removal
  • Shrink Fit Applications
  • Thermal Expansion

Applications typically requiring hours to heat can be done in minutes utilizing induction heating. In addition to the simplicity and efficiency, the ProHeat 35 induction heating system solves many key issues in today’s environment:

  • Does not produce the exposure to burns associated with open flames and electrical resistance wires (only the work part becomes hot)
  • No significant expense of fuel gases
  • Produces fewer fumes than flame heating
  • Produces less particulate from overheated insulation caused by high-temperature electrical wires and ceramic pads