Millennium’s valve repair and testing services are trusted by many throughout the East Coast. Whether you have an intricate machining need or routine testing and repair, we maintain both the inventory and skilled technicians to respond promptly and successfully to complete any repair or testing requirements. Additionally, we can curate a repair-and-stock program to remove your old valves and refurbish them for future installations.

Inline Valve Testing

We utilize an electro-hydraulic computerized testing unit that, when connected to the valve, records the pressure at which the valve lifts. The system connects to the stem of the safety valve and measures the vertical forces exerted by the spring and load train of the valve. These tests are performed while your system is under pressure so there is no loss of production due to removing safety relief valves. The documentation provided satisfies ASME and insurance inspectors.

Valve requirements are as follows:

Pressure under the valve must be flanged and at least a 21″ clearance above the valve. Service must be non-liquid and non-hazardous vapors. Our service is ideal for testing valves in place which will determine which valves need to be pulled out of service for repair and which can remain inline through another cycle. Overall, our method will reduce manpower and downtime expenses associated with removing valves from your system.