Mobile bolting has advanced with our new MTA2 battery-operated torque wrench. A decisive step forward has been achieved with the newest gearbox technology, enabling simpler handling with reduced weight and size. Our battery-operated torque wrench brings mobile cordless bolting safety to a new level with our additional automatic locking of the motor and gearbox features. Our battery torque wrench also has advanced battery safety cell technology with an active battery charge indicator.

Battery-Operated Torque Wrench
  • Optimized handling
  • Even lighter and more compact
  • Automatic locking of gearbox and motor
  • Integrated free turning of motor
  • Active two-step battery charge indicator
  • 7 sizes up to a maximum of 5,900 ft/lbs
  • Comes with a protective carrying case, (1) spare battery, and a battery charger
    • Optional add-on: (2) handwheel adapters (one small; one large)
Custom Reaction Arms

Millennium Torque & Tensioning, Inc. provides a variety of reaction arms for all types of applications. Weld rings are also available for on-site fabrication. Our experienced staff can assist you with your particular needs both in-house and on-site.

  • Custom Aluminum Reaction Arm
  • Center to Center Adjustable Reaction Arm
  • Standard Reaction Arm
  • Straight Arm
  • Custom Bent Arm
  • Torque Tube Extension
  • Weld Ring